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The 'Add Extra Years' products
Immunity bundle
Our immune boosting products are amongst the best available. By using the finest natural ingredients and patch technology we ensure that we can deliver the best in the business. 
We've all been taking extra care during lockdown
But what happens as we come out of lockdown and our immune systems haven't been exposed to the outside world for a while? Add Extra Years wants to help protect you post lockdown and help you to stay healthy as normality (fingers crossed!) resumes. 

By acting now to build up your immune system, you will help create a safety barrier between you and the nasty bugs and viruses that your body is less prepared to deal with.

The Add Extra Years Immune System products are designed to boost your immune system by providing the best natural ingredients your body needs to give your immune system a welcome helping hand during this uncertain time.

We want to help people live longer and enjoy life more. In short, to Add Extra Years to Your Life and Extra Life to Your Years
The Immunity Boost Bundle up for grabs!

A 30-Day Supply of Immune Patches

The easy to use Add Extra Years Immune Boost Patch dispenses essential natural supplements including Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc consistently for 24-hours to assist immunity.
– Worth £34.99
Immunity Boost

A 30-Day Supply of Immune Spray

The Add Extra Years Immune Boost Spray delivers fast and effective ingredient absorption to help fight off viral infections such as cold or flu. Each spray provides you with essential nutritional support.
– WORTH £34.99
Your Immune System Guide

The Printed Immune System Self-Help Guide

We’ve produced a 48-page Self-Help Guide about the Immune System, which gives you an overview of how your Immune System works, and the steps you can take to boost your immune system to improve your resistance to disease. It is filled to the brim with useful tips and advice to improve your knowledge!
– WORTH £7.50
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Our story
Hi there – I’m Alan!

With the exception of a few years in my twenties when I played competitive sport, I’ve always been overweight and unfit. When I turned 60 and quit corporate life I decided that I wanted to understand nutrition and how natural health solutions could benefit me and everyone else.

I embarked on my health journey and formed Add Extra Years to find out how and why natural health products work and why. 

I took the decision to fully immerse myself with experts in the field and took a Nutrition Science course at Stanford University's Center for Health Education in the US. I wanted to learn from the best so I could be the best in my field.

I truly believe that it's our mission to provide as much information and education about natural health solutions as we can, and source the very best natural health products available for our customers.
Don't just take it from us, here's what our customers think:


"I found the information in the immunity self-help guide really useful.  

"I started using the patches a few weeks ago and I've not had a cold or any bugs since, I feel great."


"I'm a retired teacher and was very sceptical about natural health supplements and only tried using turmeric when a friend recommended it to me.  I came across the Add Extra Years website and thought I'd try their patches. I have to say they work very well..."

– Jerry Varney

"I was a bit run down from working long hours renovating my house, so I took the precaution of using patches to help protect my immune system. That was over a month ago and despite my partner suffering from bugs and colds, I feel great, not a sniffle in sight!"
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